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Mediterranean Blue: The Most Beautiful Kaş Beaches 2023

Mediterranean Blue: The Most Beautiful Kaş Beaches 2023
Mediterranean Blue: The Most Beautiful Kas Beaches

Kaş beaches are not beautiful, they are limited in number. Having the clearest waters of the Mediterranean, Kaş is seductive with its coves and beaches. There are many beautiful beaches, large and small, that those who go to Kas many times are not aware of their beauty yet and their names are not known. Kaş beaches have the most diverse features a town has.

The geological structure of the Kaş coast, which resembles small Italian-French holiday towns, is reflected in the beauty of the beaches. All very beautiful. Some of them have fine sand, some are all pebbles, in some you can swim directly on the rocks, in some you can only go down to the cove where the beach is with many stairs. Some are small enough to throw in just a few towels, some stretch for miles.

The Most Beautiful Kas Beaches ⛱

Swimming in perhaps the cleanest and clearest waters in Turkey and diving with or without a scuba is a routine option offered by Kaş. There is no beach in the center of Kas. However, most hostels have made it easier to enter the sea by putting a pier on the rocks. You can also find sun loungers and umbrellas here. However, if you are not a hotel or hostel customer, you have to pay a certain fee.

Küçük Pebble Beach is the closest place in Kaş where you can swim without any hassle. This place serves with its wide platform placed on the rocks in the district center.

There is no one who has not heard of Kaputaş Beach, which is mostly at the top of the lists of the most beautiful Kaş beaches. I’m just going to take pictures from above during the season. If I go to Kas in May and September, I go down to the beach. It’s too crowded now.

Among the places to swim in the center of Kas, Büyük Pebble Beach is my favorite place. This place is 20 minutes walking from the center. The groundwater from the Taurus Mountains cools the sea and is incredibly clear. Those looking for a quiet place should prefer the delicious Limanağzı, which can only be visited by boat.

İnceboğaz, Akçagerme and Belediye beaches are perfect for children. Akçagerme Beach is 3 km away from the center and there is also a water slide. Inflatable armbands, mattresses and bagels for children are essential on most beaches.

ⓘ Where to Stay in Kaş 🏡 Kaş stands out with its unique boutique hotels, large and small, rather than multi-star, all-inclusive hotels. There are options for every budget. FLY INN , Neva Boutique Hotel , Sole Suites and Carruba Boutique Hotel are great options. You can make a reservation from booking by installing a VPN.

For those who want an apartment, Kasinn Apart Orange and Duygu Apart may be of interest to you. If you want to stay in a good hotel in Kas, Luff Suites is delicious. In addition , Chateau Kas Peninsula and Club Hotel Barbarossa are hotels in the luxury segment where you can look.

In addition, Captain Ergun has a magnificent villa close to the Büyük Çakıl beach, you can rent it as well. (☎️ 0 542 7312358). Klaus Haas , who has lived in Kaş for more than twenty years , has a cute village house with several rooms in Yeniköy , one of the beautiful villages of Kaş . I’ve stayed twice, it’s a place I love very much. (☎️ 05357638545). Klaus also has a wonderful blue cruise boat. I sailed once with Klaus’ boat, it’s very enjoyable.

1. Kaş Küçükçakıl Beach

Küçük Çakıl Beach is built on rocks. It would be correct to say beach. Left to itself between two unkempt cliffs, if you put 5 towels next to each other, that’s the size. No entrance fee, take your towel, go. It is a very pleasant bay because fresh water comes out of the rocks and this makes the bay an ice-cold and refreshing water. It gets deep after a few meters. Since the sea is spring water, it is ice but always turquoise.

If you want a business, there are two opposite each other. Derya and Cinarlar Beach. There is an obligation to consume 30 lira in both businesses. So you pay for what you eat and drink.

2. Kas Buyukcakil Beach

Büyükçakıl Beach is a beach where regulars usually hang out. It is 20 minutes away from the center by walking, 10 minutes by running, and 3 minutes by car. The sea is always clean. The environment is calmer than other beaches even in the season. The view is beautiful. The sea is a little choppy in the afternoon. One of the best places to watch the sunset in Kaş.

3. Kas Incebogaz Beach

Inceboğaz Beach, which is on the list of the best Kaş beaches, is located on the side of Kaş’s Çukurbağ Peninsula facing Meis Island. The sea is very beautiful here, you can swim both from the pebble public beach and from the platforms of the business on the bay side.

It consists of two opposite beaches in the thinnest part of the peninsula. Sea side public beach style. The water is clean, umbrellas needed, pebbles, some parts are rocky. There’s a sunken boat out in the open. Make sure to go with your goggles. The view is magnificent. The back of the beach is a wooded area and you can throw your own chair. You can bring your own food. You can come here and enjoy a nice sea, and if you don’t want to, you can spend no money.

Kaş Municipality operates the bay side of Kaş İnceboğaz Beach. There is no charge at the entrance, but if you want to rent sunbeds and umbrellas, 1 sun lounger and 1 umbrella are 15 TL. The business is a bit shabby, the fees are reasonable. There is a dining room, a shower and a dressing room. The water is very clean. This place is more suitable for families with children. Since the sea is calm and the beach is quite shallow, the environment is quieter and more relaxing. It’s shallow and warm at the entrance, but after 10 meters the sea suddenly gets cold.

You can reach the center of Kaş in 3-5 minutes by car, or 10-15 minutes by walking or by minibus. It has warmer water compared to other beaches in the district.

4. Akcagerme

Akçagerme Beach is a beach operated by tourism and hotel management students. There is no entrance fee, but a reasonable fee of 22.5 TL is required for 2 sun loungers and 1 umbrella. You can also rent a pavilion in the form of a lodge for 60 TL. The sea is very clean and beautiful. Although alcohol is not sold in the establishment, it is allowed to bring alcohol from outside.

Meatballs or hamburger menu is sold for 25 TL in the cafe of the enterprise. In general, the menu prices are reasonable. Those who want to take advantage of the aquapark at the beach, which also has an aquapark, pay a fee. The beach has no parking problems. Vehicles can be parked at suitable points on the road.

You can reach Akçagerme Beach, which is 4 km away from Kaş town center, in 7 minutes by private car. In summer, there are minibus services from the center of Kaş. It is among the best Kaş beaches that you can go with your family.

5. Kaputas Beach

Kaputaş Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Kaş but also in our country. It has a turquoise color that really drives people crazy and penetrates into you. It is located between Kaş and Kalkan. It is 20 minutes away from the center of Kas. There is a minibus from the center to Kaputaş. One hundred-odd steps descend from the road to the beach. I like watching from above. The sea is always wavy. It is delicious for those who like to play with water and those who can tolerate heat. 

In the morning, the sea is beautiful, the beach is calm. The ideal time is from morning to noon. It is very crowded and therefore noisy at noon. The color of the sea is really turquoise at the entrance. As you go deeper, the bottom is still visible, pristine. There was no exaggerated wave when I went, it may be because it was morning.

A perfect blue, the view is super. But there are stones in the beach and sea that will disturb your feet. It is very nice that the entrance is free, that there are showers, WCs and dressing cabins. However, the facility was dull compared to such a view and the prices were not very reasonable. Beer is 25 TL. The areas on the side of the highway are used for parking vehicles. There are warnings about theft from vehicles from time to time, so be careful.

If you want to buy sunbeds and umbrellas in Kaputaş, which is among the most beautiful Kas beaches, you can rent them from the municipality. 2 sun loungers and 1 umbrella 30 TL. However, if you have your own umbrella, you can bring it to the beach. A bit dangerous for non-swimmers and children due to the current on the beach. You should not go too far in the deep sea.

6. Bayindir Harbor

Bayındır Harbor is located 1.2 nautical miles southeast of Kaş. Many people go to the beach by boat, as it is very difficult to reach the land. There are many Lycian tombs on the east side of Bayındır Harbor. Bayındır Cave greets you at the mouth of the harbor. Due to the deep sea, it is not a good option for non-swimmers.

7. Port

There is no land transportation to Limanağzı, which can be reached by small boats from Kaş in 20 minutes. Boats charge 20 TL for a round trip to Limanağzı, where you can take a pleasant boat ride while watching the shores of Kaş. There is no fee to enter Limanağzı. Bilal and Nuri’s Beach are the oldest businesses of Limanağzı. The olive garden behind the establishments where there is no music broadcast. A consumption requirement of 50 TL is applied in businesses that are suitable for families with children.

8. Kas Camping

Kas Kamping , which is 750 meters away from the town center of Kas , is a beach that you can easily go to on foot. Kas Camping, whose sea is not shallow, is not suitable for families with children. The camping area, where you can relax under the shade of olive trees, has a view of Meis Island from the opposite side. There are nearly 300 bungalows in the camping area, which does not have music. Those who wish can come with their tents. Except for accommodation, a fee of 25 lira is charged for daily entrances.

9. Hedayet’s Cove

Hidayet’in Bay can be reached in 5 minutes by car from the center of Kas. There is a minibus every 10 minutes from the district center. If you go by minibus, you have to go up and down a long slope. The sea of ​​sheep is turquoise in color. It’s like swimming in a live aquarium, the sea is incredibly clean and like sheets. Underwater looks so beautiful that this bay is also a diving spot. I recommend that you take your snorkel and goggles with you. Sea shoes can be good.

A cove in the shade of olive trees. Although the prices seem high in Hidayet’in Bay, it is not against the beach concept and quality. Nice and decent business. Sunbeds are 15 TL, umbrellas are 10 TL. There are also lodges you can rent. Food and drinks are generally of good quality. The menu is good, hamburger, pizza and wrap are very successful. The staff is not bad, the number of staff and their organization within the facility are good.

10. Kaş Municipality Public Beach

Kaş Municipality Public Beach is located on the road to Hidayet’in Bay, 1.5 km from the town center of Kaş. The beach, which has a large parking lot, is operated by the municipality. There is also an affordable restaurant on the road from the car park to the beach.

There is a large green area where you can spend time on the beach. If you find a place at this point, you can lay your towel and sunbathe. The facility, next to the green area, meets the food and beverage needs of those who come to the beach. Those who want to spend time without buying umbrellas and sunbeds use the tables of this facility.

You have to wear sea shoes at Kaş Municipality Public Beach, which has a very clean and clear sea, as there are stones and rocks on the shore. There are also pontoons and ladders for those who do not want to swim from the shore.

11. Patara Beach

Patara Beach , 20 minutes away from Kalkan, is Turkey’s longest and widest beach with its 12 km long sandy beach. The water in Patara is quite shallow as a part of the beach stretching from Kalkan to Yediburunlar continues in the sea.

The right to use the unique Patara beach is shared between humans and caretta carettas. Visiting after 18:00 is prohibited. Patara Ancient City, which is on the World’s 100 Most Protected Monuments List, is right next to the beach.

12. Kekova

Kekova is one of the regions with the most magnificent sea of ​​the Mediterranean coastline. After going to Üçağız by road from Kaş (25 minutes), you can go to Kaleköy by boat, or if you wish, you can set off from Kaş center with tour boats and visit Kekova at the last stop after wandering around 5-6 coves. Castle walls, water cisterns, sarcophagi and the deep blue Mediterranean are among the fascinating beauties of Kekova.

13. Meis Island

Meis Island, just across Kaş, is the farthest settlement in Greece from the mainland. Meis Island, which maintains an overseas neighborhood with Kaş, meets all its daily needs from Kaş. Just like in Kaş, it is very difficult to find a beach on Meis Island, which you can reach by a 20-minute boat ride. You can easily enter the sea from the piers all around Meis.

While you’re all the way to Kas, I suggest you go to Meis, even if it’s for a day. To go to Meis, you can get a door visa during the summer period and travel with a Schengen visa. If you have a green passport, no visa is required.

How to get to Kas: To go to Kas, you need to fly either to Antalya Airport or to Dalaman Airport. If you fly to Antalya, after landing at the airport, you need to go to Antalya Bus Station by Havaş (12 TL) or tram and take the West Antalya bus from there. Antalya-Kaş is 38 TL and the journey takes 4-4.5 hours.

If you fly to Dalaman, you can go to Kas in 2.5 hours with the Dalaman-Kaş Shuttle offered by private agencies. Dalaman-Kas transportation costs 80 TL. It is also possible to pass from Dalaman to Fethiye and from there to Kaş with the West Antalya bus. There is extensive information about Kas in my Kas travel guide blog post, take a look if you wish.

Mediterranean Blue: The Most Beautiful Kas Beaches
Mediterranean Blue: The Most Beautiful Kas Beaches

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