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Kiyikoy Travel Guide

Kiyikoy Travel Guide

Kiyikoy is one of the places to visit close to Istanbul and one of the popular routes for those who want to get away from Istanbul recently. Kiyikoy, which has many places to visit with its historical assets as well as the natural beauties created by the sea, forest and rivers surrounding the town, is also very suitable for many activities such as fishing, nature sports, photography, camping.

Where is Kiyikoy

Kiyikoy  is a fishing town in  the Vize district of Kirklareli . Located 3 hours away from Istanbul , this small and charming town is built on the rocks where Kazandere and Pabuçdere flow into the sea, and has an enchanting beauty with its lush forests and turquoise sea.

How to go to Kiyikoy

If you will come by private vehicle; Those coming from the direction of Istanbul, you must first arrive at Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ, and then Saray. The road you will take from Saray in the direction of Kiyikoy is approximately 30 kilometers.

Those coming from Edirne or Kırklareli; First of all, they can come to the Vize district of Kırklareli and reach Kıyıköy, which is about 40 kilometers away from here, in an average of 35 minutes.

Those who want to reach by bus; They should prefer companies that provide direct transportation from Esenler Bus Station to Kiyikoy.

Places to Visit in Kiyikoy

St. Nicholas Monastery

St. Nicholas Monastery

Aya Nikola Monastery, which is the most important historical richness of the region, is 800 meters from the center of Kiyikoy and is located on the shore of Papuç Stream. It is thought that the monastery was built during the reign of Emperor Justinian 6 (527-565). While the ground floor of the monastery, which was carved into the rocks, consists of a holy spring and a chapel, there are monk rooms in the upper part.

Kiyikoy Castle

Kiyikoy Castle

These walls surrounding the center of Kiyikoy, located between Kazan Dere and Papuç Dere, were built during the reign of Emperor Justinian 6th. While the height of the castle walls, where cut stone, brick and rubble materials are used together, can be measured as 5 meters in places, its thickness can be measured as 2.5 meters. Today, the two main entrance gates providing the entrance to the center of Kiyikoy and the western walls are standing, while the eastern walls have been demolished.

Kiyikoy Cave

Kiyikoy Cave

It is located on the slope of the stream bed known as Büyük Kurudere, 2 kilometers from the center of Kıyıköy, 25 meters above its base. Red and brown cave butterflies and bats are among the inhabitants of the cave.

Lovers Hill

Lovers Hill

In Kiyikoy, the best place to watch the sea view is Lovers Hill. Go up the hill and have your tea (there are no businesses around, bring it with you) and enjoy the view until the sun goes down.

Selvez Bay

Selvez Bay

Selvez Bay is the closest to Kiyikoy. Along with Poliçe Bay and Panayır İskelesi Bay, it is among the most preferred bays by camping enthusiasts.

Kazan and Papuç Streams

The Kazan and Papuç Streams, which surround the region on both sides, offer a natural habitat for animals. These creeks, which are also important for regional tourism, are 1st degree natural protected areas. Kazan Stream flows from the shore of Kiyikoy harbor and Papuç Stream flows into the sea from the end of Belediye Beach. Behind these two rivers, 2-3 kilometers from Kiyikoy, there are 2 dams that are important for Istanbul’s water needs.

Kasatura Nature Reserve

The area, which was declared a Nature Reserve in 1988, has an area of ​​329 hectares. The region is located within the boundaries of the Kiyikoy Forest Management Chief. The region, which has an altitude of 200 meters, is important for the continuity of natural life.

Harbor Bath

Although the construction date of the Bath, which is located under the southern walls, is not known, it is thought to be a late Ottoman period work. Today, similar to the Aya Nikola Monastery, the bath has been abandoned to its fate with great structural losses.

Kiyikoy Beaches and Beaches

The sea season in Kiyikoy, whose water is clear and clean, is 30-35 days if you add it in July-August. With the cooling of the weather, the Black Sea begins to show itself immediately.

There are many coves and beaches along the coastline of Kiyikoy. The beach strip starting from the point where Kazan Stream empties into the sea and the beaches located at the point where Papuç Stream, operated by the municipality, empties into the sea, stand out as the beaches that attract the most attention.

There are many large and small coves in the direction of İğneada. Among these bays, Selvez Bay is the closest to Kiyikoy. After Selvez Bay, the most preferred bays are Poliçe Bay and Panayır İskelesi Bays, where more camping can be done. These coves are also very suitable for swimming and are relatively untouched virgin coves.

What to Eat in Kiyikoy

When you come to the fishing town, forget to come back without eating fish. Taste the most delicious turbot you can eat .

Buffalo Yoghurt is also very tasty as buffalo breeding is done intensively in the region . Once you taste this yogurt, you may not want to eat another yogurt again.

In addition, bluefish, bluefish, bluefish, bonito, red mullet, swallow, horse mackerel, sole, tabby, haddock, anchovy, sturgeon, sea bream, mullet, toric, sea bass, toric, squid, shrimp, crab, mussels are delicious accompanied by salads and appetizers.

Where to Stay in Kiyikoy, Kiyikoy Hotels

Accommodation opportunities in Kiyikoy are mostly in the form of hostels. The number of hotels is not many.

Hotel prices in Kiyikoy may vary according to different situations such as the location of the facilities, the facilities offered by the facility, the view from the room and the season in which you will stay.

As you can imagine, overnight accommodation prices, which are slightly higher in the summer months, can be relatively lower in the winter months.

Koc Pension

Koç Pension, which is among the most special accommodation centers of Kiyikoy, provides service with 5 rooms.

Phone: 0537 324 72 52

Atakale Boutique Hotel

A business in Kiyikoy that receives positive comments from its visitors. The hotel features airport transfer service and room service as well as a designated smoking area and parking. Rooms feature private bathrooms with a bathtub, a shower and a hairdryer.

Address: Kale Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Cd No:1, 39280 Kiyikoy / Vize / Kirklareli

Phone: (0288) 388 68 21

Kiyikoy Resort Hotel

A 60-room hotel with sea and forest views. During your stay, you can benefit from free facilities such as wifi, parking and open buffet breakfast. 

Address: Güven Mahallesi, Orkide Sokak No:12, 39480 Kiyikoy / Vize / Kirklareli

Phone: 0552 775 11 11

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