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Gümüşler Monastery: History, Location, Directions and Entrance Fee

Gümüşler Monastery: History, Location, Directions and Entrance Fee

The Gümüşler Monastery, which draws attention with its iconographic wall paintings, is thought to have been built between the 8th and 12th centuries, although no exact source can be found. In the monastery, which was built by carving into the rocks and has a fascinating atmosphere, wall paintings in three strips on the main apse stand out. At the top of these paintings are Jesus on the throne, angels, his apostles and the Virgin Mary. The fresco of the Smiling Virgin Mary and Child Jesus found here, known as the only example in Anatolia, has caused controversy around the world, but the monastery continues its fascinating influence in the history of the region. How to reach Gumusler Monastery? What is the entrance fee of the monastery? What does the history of Gümüşler Monastery tell us? We discover the details together!


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The monastery and underground settlement, called Gümüşler, were built in the 10th century in an area far from major settlements. The monastery was called “ Traicas ” at that time  . It was called ” Old Silvers ” during the Ottoman Empire period, as there were silver deposits from ancient times around it . The monastery was used by the people for worship purposes.

In the Republican period, as a result of the 1924 Lausanne Exchange, when the non-Muslims around the Niğde province migrated to Greece, the monastery lost its function and was abandoned and was not used for forty years. The monastery was rediscovered in 1962 after a long period of time. Restoration works of Gümüşler Monastery began in 1963 under the direction of British archaeologist Michael Gough. The monastery and its surroundings were declared an archaeological site in 1973 and opened to visitors.


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Located in the town of Gümüşler in Niğde, the monastery is located approximately 9 km from the city center. The monastery courtyard, which is approximately 14 meters high, opens the door to a magnificent atmosphere with its gigantic appearance and architecture carved into the rocks. In addition, the food warehouses and tombs in the middle courtyard add a different meaning to the building.

Let us remind you that the monastery also has an underground city. We say that you should definitely visit the underground city, which has features beyond the age such as ventilation and communication system.

How to go?

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It is actually quite practical to reach this monastery, located in Gümüşler town of Niğde province. First of all, we should say that Gümüşler Municipality bus departs from Niğde city center every half hour. Moreover, since the bus passes right in front of the monastery, you can easily reach it.

Those who come by personal car can reach the monastery in 15 minutes by continuing straight on the Çamardı road after turning towards Gümüşler Municipality at the crossroads on the way from Niğde center to Kayseri.

What’s the cover charge?

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Let’s talk briefly about the days and hours when the monastery is open to visitors. This impressive structure can be visited between 08.30-17.30 in the winter period and between 10.00-19.00 in the summer period. The entrance fee to Gümüşler Monastery, which is open every day of the week, has been determined as 20 TL for 2022. But if you have a museum pass, you can enter for free.

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