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Cumalıkızık Travel Guide

Cumalıkızık Travel Guide

Where is Cumalıkızık?

Cumalıkızık village is located on the skirts of Uludağ in Yıldırım District of Bursa. It is a neighborhood of the Yıldırım district of Bursa, Turkey. It is approximately 11 kilometers from Bursa city center.

History of Cumalıkızık

Cumalıkızık, one of the regions where the Ottomans first settled in Bursa, carries the Ottoman period housing texture to the present day with a total of 270 houses, 180 of which are still in use and some of them are protected and restored.

The remains of a Byzantine church were discovered in 1969 in the Ihlamurcu locality on the skirts of Uludağ, southeast of Cumalıkızık settlement. Some architectural fragments of the church ruins found on the surface are kept in Bursa Archeology Museum. The Ottoman Principality, which was established near Bursa, succeeded to dominate the region shortly after its establishment, and by conquering Bursa in 1326 and Iznik in 1331, it made its presence known in the region. Thus, it was ensured that the Ottoman people settled in these lands and formed cities and villages. 

Where Does the Name Cumalıkızık Come From?

Cumalıkızık was established as a foundation village and this feature has been reflected in the settlement pattern, residential architecture and lifestyle. The local villages, which are stuck between the steep slopes and valleys in the north of Uludağ, are called “kızık” because of their location. In order to separate the villages from each other, the one close to the stream was named Derekızık, the one who gave the ransom was called Fidyekızık and Kızık, and the village where Friday prayers were held was given the name Cumalıkızık.

How Much Time to Spend

It will be enough to allocate 2-3 hours to Cumalıkızık. If you are going to have breakfast, you can add +1 more hour.
By the way, we recommend you to buy spring – summer blackberry and raspberry, autumn – winter chestnut according to the season.

How to go to Cumalıkızık

Transportation can be provided by municipal buses departing from the city center, private public buses or by metro line or minibuses. Transportation can be provided by bus, metro or minibuses without waiting, and there is a transportation network where you can return without waiting for any bus or transportation vehicle. Since it is not far from the city center in terms of transportation, you will not have any difficulty in going with your own private vehicle. The approximate distance from the city center is around 20 km.

What to do in Cumalıkızık

Visiting houses that will take you back to the past.
Country breakfast.
Tasting the pancakes.
Making selfies in Gin Range.
Visit the village museum.
Visiting the village’s 400-year-old mosque.
Visiting the famous mansions of the village.
Buying organic products sold in the village.
Buying authentic items related to the village.

Places to Visit in Cumalıkızık

Cumalıkızık, a small village, can be easily visited in 2-3 hours.

You don’t have to be afraid of getting lost in the streets of Cumalıkızık because you come back to the same place. Cumalıkızık, which hosts the Kınalı Snow TV series, is a place that became well known in the early 2000s. This beautiful village, which hosted a flock of visitors especially during the broadcast of the series, is a very popular travel route today as it is close to Istanbul.

Cumalıkızık Houses

Cumalıkızık Houses

Cumalıkızık Houses, which generally consist of 3-storey stone and adobe houses, consist of the most beautiful tones of blue, yellow and pink.

There are around 250 houses in the village, 180 of which are in use today.

Some of these houses, which carry the traces of the past, are used as hostels, restaurants or breakfast places.

Monument Plane Trees

Cumalıkızık Plane Trees

Bursa is already famous for its monumental trees that defy the years as a city.

This monument can be seen from the trees in Cumalıkızık. Especially in the village square, two huge plane trees welcome its visitors.

There are souvenir shops around the monumental trees. You can buy small souvenirs for yourself or your relatives here.

Cumalıkızık Ethnography Museum

Cumalıkızık Ethnography Museum

You can examine the history and culture of Cumalıkızık by visiting the Cumalıkızık Ethnography Museum.

In the museum, which was opened in 2015 with the contributions of the villagers, there is a corner where the agricultural tools used in the past years, household items used by the villagers in the past and daily life are exhibited. You can visit the museum, which is free of charge, every day of the week except Monday.

Gin Range

Gin Range

Perhaps the most famous place in Cumalıkızık, “Gin Range”

The “Gin Range”, which is about 80 cm wide, is known as the narrowest street in the world. Another feature of the street, where two people cannot pass at the same time, is that the street looks like a dead end when viewed from the opposite side. It is impossible to notice the street without coming to the beginning of the street.

Where to Stay in Cumalıkızık

Although there are not many alternatives for accommodation in Cumalıkızık , it is very important to make a reservation in advance to stay in Cumalıkızık hotels. 

If you want to wake up feeling rested in the fresh air of Cumalıkızık, there are a few alternative Cumalıkızık hostels we can recommend for you.

Bulanlar Pension Hotel

Bulanlar Pension Hotel welcomes its guests in a historical mansion in Cumalıkızık, one of the touristic spots of Bursa.

The property, which serves its guests in a bed and breakfast concept and offers a village breakfast consisting of natural products every morning, serves a la carte restaurant for lunch and dinner.

For details, click here to get information from the hotel’s own website.

Abbas-i Ala Boutique Pension

Cumalıkızık Abbas-ı Ala Butik Pension, which can be one of the choices of those who want to experience the village life in Cumalıkızık, is another of your alternatives for staying in Cumalıkızık.

This pension hotel, which has a total capacity of 15 beds, has rooms for 2 and 3 people, where you can comfortably stay.

You can access more information about the hotel, which serves a village breakfast consisting of natural products for its guests every morning, by clicking here .

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