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Ayvalik Travel Guide

Ayvalik Travel Guide

Where is Ayvalik?

Ayvalık is located in the North Aegean, on the İzmir – Çanakkale Highway. Balikesir Edremit Koca Seyit Airport, located in Edremit to the west of Balikesir, is preferred because of its proximity to holiday centers such as Ayvalık, Altınoluk, Akçay, Küçükkuyu, Ören and Dikili.

When to go to Ayvalık?

The Mediterranean climate prevails in Ayvalık and the best times to visit are spring months , but it is also often preferred for summer tourism due to its beaches, sea and the days that are always warm and windy .

Especially in the summer, when the whole environment is struggling with the scorching heat, the imbat and north wind blowing from the west and north, which usually starts at noon in Ayvalık, cools the district. Thanks to this feature, Ayvalık carries the oxygen of the Kaz Mountains, which has the highest oxygen ratio in the world, to the region.

How to go to Ayvalık?


There are direct flights from Istanbul-Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Ankara Esenboğa Airport to Balıkesir (Edremit Koca Seyit Airport) 7 days a week. When you go out at the airport, you will not see direct buses, but if you walk 200 meters, you can go to Izmir Road and wait. The bus runs every 15-20 minutes, but it is still recommended to consult someone around. For those who do not want to deal with the bus, you can easily find a taxi (about 150 TL to Ayvalık) at the door.

Sea (IDO);

Especially if you live on the European side, the Yenikapı-Bandırma ferry service will make your journey much easier. The journey takes about 2 hours to Bandırma.

Ayvalik Attractions

1. Cunda Island

cunda Island

Cunda Island, which is one of the essentials of Ayvalık travel, is 9 km  away from Ayvalık. The bridge connecting Cunda, formerly Alibey Island, and Ayvalık, is  Turkey’s first Bosphorus bridge .

Cunda, which impresses with its different architecture at first glance, is covered with stone streets adorned with old Greek houses. Exploring the center of the island in peace and tranquility by walking among the colorful historical houses is one of the top things to do.

Cunda is a unique holiday paradise that promises memorable moments to its visitors by bringing together different holiday reasons such as history, culture, taste and beach.

2. Devil’s Supper

Devil's Table

Cheftan Sofrası has  one of the most beautiful views you can see in the world . It is 8 km from the center of Ayvalık and 4 km from Sarimsakli. This is actually a hill formed after a volcanic structuring. The Chief’s Table takes its name from the footsteps of Satan, who is believed to be located here. This is a myth, of course, but although it is a myth, a footprint believed to be the footprint of Satan is enclosed in an iron cage. Over time, people’s superstitions increased and they started to make wishes and throw coins at this footprint.

If you go to the region with your car, you can park your car in the parking lot on the hill for a fee of 5 TL. There are 2 cafe restaurants on the hill. In these restaurants, you can have something to eat and drink against the magnificent view offered by Şeftan Sofrası. It is recommended to visit especially to watch the sunset and it should be noted that it will be quite crowded as most people go during these hours.

3. Sarimsakli Beach

Sarimsakli Beach

Ayvalık is famous for its beaches and Sarimsakli Beach is one of the most important of these beaches. Sarimsakli Beach, which is 6 km away from the center, is one of the most preferred beaches of the region, with a length of 7 km and a width of 100 m.

There are dozens of cafes, restaurants, hotels and pensions along Sarimsakli Beach. On the beach where there are more than 20 beaches side by side, you can choose the place to swim according to your budget and preference. You can find many water sports opportunities along the beach. In the meantime, if you stay in some hotels, you can also benefit from the free sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach.

4. Ayvalık Bazaar & Historical Greek Houses

Ayvalık Bazaar & Historical Greek Houses

Especially Ayvalık ‘s Historical Greek Houses , Ayvalık Harbor , Ayazma Church,  Atatürk Boulevard ,  Saatli Mosque , Taksiyarhis Memorial Museum , Çınarlı Mosque and Hamidiye Mosque are the most important structures that you should visit and see in this region. Talatpaşa Street , where the famous Güler and İmren Patisseries are located , is the most lively street of the region. You can also see that a small souvenir market is set up on this street in the evenings.

The easiest way to visit the places in the bazaar is to walk, as the traffic and parking in the region are a bit of a problem. If you have a car, it may be better for you to leave your car in the car parks in the bazaar and near the port and walk. One of the most striking parts of the bazaar is undoubtedly the  Historical Ayvalık Houses . The most recorded historical house in Turkey (1860 houses) is located in this region. The houses built by Greek masters draw attention with their stonework. There are no similar houses built using garlic stone, which is unique to the region. Small and adjacent houses are generally 2 and 3 storeys.

You may have some difficulty in wandering among the houses that take you on a journey in history with their magnificent wooden and stonework, windows, doors and wrought iron. In the narrow and cobbled streets, the middle of the roads is a little sunken and stony.

5. Holy Ayazma Church

Ayazma Church

Ayazma Church, one of the most important historical buildings of the region, is located in Kemal Paşa Neighborhood. Also known as the church of the Phaneromeni Church, the name of the place comes from the word ” Holy Water ” and is said to have holy water in the church . The narration about the construction of the church is still in the languages; A little girl dreams of the Virgin Mary every night. The Virgin Mary always stands in the same place and drinks water from the spring that springs from the spring and points this water to the little girl. When the dream repeats constantly, it is told to the city council, thinking that it will be news. The gathered clergy come to the place described by the girl and excavate. After a while, water gushes from the ground as the girl saw in her dream. Later, a church is built here and the water is protected.

Ayazma Church was built in 1890 in Neo Classical style using garlic stone, which is the unique material of the region . Additions were made to this structure, which was also used as an olive oil factory for a period, and  today it was expropriated to be turned into a museum.

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